We are creating a better and greener world. Innovative green buildings along with cutting edge technology, are creating the Future of Tomorrow, Today. 

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Regenerative Design

The new construction provides the ideal opportunity to incorporate environmental-friendly building elements at every level. It’s more than sustaining – we are designing and constructing for the future.  

Water Conservation

From rain gardens to the tree-lined Brock Parking Garden, we are incorporating proven ecological methods to recycle rain water and protect it as a limited resource.  
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Desert Entry

Plant Conservation

NBG has long held plant conservation as one of our top priorities. Of the top six most threatened living groups, three are plants!  Of these groups – conifers, cycads and cacti – our conifer collection is designated as an American Conifer Society Reference Garden. With the new tropical and desert biomes, we are now expanding our conservation efforts. 

Building Green

We are striving to make the Garden even greener than before, including the new buildings that we desperately need. Have you heard of bio-cement? It grows similarly to living coral, and is one of the many elements that we are using to make a large Green Impact.

Leed Certification

The Garden of Tomorrow is proudly pursuing LEED certification – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design from the U.S. Green Building Council. It is the most widely recognized, green building rating system with global influence.