“We’re building an immersive sanctuary dedicated to the preservation of the world’s most endangered plants and preserving the opportunity to study their potential benefits. We are expanding our ability as a community resource supporting education and helping build a sustainable future.”
— NBG President & CEO Peter Schmidt

Brock Parking Garden

Your immersive experience begins as you drive into the new parking garden – a greener space with the addition of more trees, flowers and rain gardens. The moment you step out of your vehicle, you are in a garden.  
The Brock Parking Garden 2024
The Brock Entry Pavilion 2024

Brock Entry Pavilion

The NEW Brock Entry Pavilion will allow you to have a more enjoyable visitor experience -admission, membership, food amenities, tram service – all in one place. Transparent walls will bring the outside in. 

The Skywalk 

The Skywalk is a gift from Kay and Al Abiouness. This outdoor two story structure is connected to the Perry Conservatory and will over look a rooftop garden on the Brock Entry Pavilion and has spectacular views of the one of the largest Rose Gardens on the East Coast.  
Kay & Al Abiouness Skywalk with views of the Perry Conservatory
11_tropical biome

Perry Conservatory

The conservatory is the crown jewel of this project where you can immerse yourself in plants from around the world and learn about our conservation efforts. We have partnered with botanical gardens in the U.S. to house and protect the most threatened plant around the world. 

The EEL 

The Environmental Education Lab will offer new innovative programs and hands-on experiences to learners of all ages. The Lab will be located directly behind the Tropical Biome of the Perry Conservatory.
The Environmental Education Lab - The Garden of Tomorrow
The Kenneth A. and Patricia A. Hall Charitable Foundation Shoreline Restoration & Boardwalk

Shoreline Restoration & Boardwalk

 The Kenneth A. and Patricia A. Hall Charitable Foundation Shoreline Restoration & Boardwalk – featuring Trex will address the shoreline erosion and provide an immersive experience connecting guests with the water.