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Brock Parking Garden

Brock Parking Garden

The Brock Parking Garden will transform your garden experience the minute you step out of your vehicle! Combining parking with a garden environment sets the standard for sustainability through innovative new features. 

A garden in its own right: 

Imagine driving through the Garden and no longer having to wait at the tollbooth. You will drive leisurely to the parking garden where you will have more green space than ever before, plus more parking spaces – one tree for every seven parking spaces! Filled with beautiful flowers more shade trees and surrounding a water collection pond – stepping out of your vehicle has never felt so inviting. 

EPC_Macro Roof Plan 2_200901

Rainwater Collection

This garden is nourished by water filtered through pervious pavement and will feature rain gardens throughout. 

Green Impact:

During the design phase of the Garden of Tomorrow, the environment has been first and foremost. The Brock Parking Garden will feature rain gardens, additional plantings and one tree for every seven parked vehicles.