Create a living legacy TODAY. 

Brock Entry Pavilion

Brock Entry Pavilion

A more enjoyable admission experience: 

Instead of getting bottlenecked at the tollbooth, you will drive straight to the beautiful Brock Parking Garde where you will experience the Garden immediately.  You will then proceed to the admissions area inside the NEW Brock Entry Pavillion. At the new ticket counter, staff members are there to greet you with a warm welcome, answer questions and promote NBG membership. New amenities include expanded restrooms, new retail space and a world-class bistro.

Designed for admissions by day and events by night, our new pavilion will completely transform the way visitors are welcomed into NBG.

Sleek design that brings the outside in:

From the beginning, the design has been all about transparency. The pavilion will feature contemporary architecture and full-glass walls. Unlike most buildings that would block  garden views, the walls of the pavilion will use our gardens as living art – bringing the outside in. You will want to explore the spectacular views and beyond. It really is all about the outdoor experience and connecting to nature. 

Greater event opportunities:

The size and scope of the pavilion will allow NBG to host events on a much larger scale, which will provide an increased source of income. All proceeds help fulfill the Garden’s mission as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit. 



New Farm-to-Table Bistro:

This new space will include a new delicious bistro that will use food grown from the new pavilion’s rooftop. 


Venture Outdoors:

As you leave the entry pavilion you will enter a beautiful outdoor space filled with eco-friendly gardens, trees,  blooming flowers
 and rain gardens. The new outdoor spaces surrounding the pavilion will also feature an amphitheater for concerts and other activities. 

Green Impact:

During the design phase of the Garden of Tomorrow, the environment has been first and foremost. Besides all of the surrounding eco-friendly plantings and gardens, the entry pavilion features a beautiful foot bridge that will span over a pond that is not only tranquil, but will also serve to help with storm water management. This building will also feature bio-cement & wood preserved without chemicals. Visit the GREEN IMPACT section for all of the details.