The Environmental Education Lab - The Garden of Tomorrow

The EEL – Environmental Education Lab:


Both Youth Education and Adult Education staff members strive to offer new and innovative programs for all learners in our community who desire more in-depth programming: academic topics for elementary, middle, and high school students; adult programs for lifelong learners; and professional development opportunities for current and future educators. The new Environmental Education Lab (EEL) is a combination classroom and learning lab that will be outfitted with new equipment and supplies that will expand the Garden’s capacity to engage community members in high-quality, science-based learning opportunities that will enrich their understanding of gardening, horticulture, the environment, and natural resources. The EEL and its accompanying outdoor space offer a dedicated location that meets the need for these enhanced experiential programs and prioritize these educational initiatives that are essential to the Garden’s mission.

Green Impact:

During the design phase of the Garden of Tomorrow, the environment has been first and foremost. Besides all of the surrounding eco-friendly plantings and gardens, as well as the indoor conservation efforts inside the Perry Conservatory, the learning opportunities and experiences will promote protecting plants, trees and green spaces for all ages. Visit the GREEN IMPACT section for all of the details.