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List of Donors

List Of Donors


Macon and Joan Brock
The Perry Family Foundation


City of Norfolk


Kay and Alfred Abiouness

Frank and Aimee Batten

Conrad and Peggy Hall

Kenneth A. and Patricia A. Hall Foundation


The Batten Foundation

Richard and Eleanor Evans

Robert N. Henderson, Jr. Foundation

Dwight and Jane Schaubach

Sentara Healthcare

TowneBank Foundation

The William and Mary Greve Foundation


Hampton Roads Community Foundation

Bee McLeod and Goody Tyler

D. Henry and Eleanor Watts


The Cabell Foundation

Betty Darden

The Goode Family Foundation

Craig and Susan Grube

Norfolk Academy

Mary Morton Parsons Foundation

Nancy Sutcliffe



Edward and Betty Lou Johnston, Sr.

Joe and Stephanie McSweeney

Ann Rathbone


John and Katherine Wynn Jr.

Dubby and Susan Wynne


Dave and Micky Jester

Tata White Kellam

Peter and Penny Meredith

Jerry and Laura Miller



Jr Virginia Beach Garden Club

Alison J. and Ella W. Parsons Fund of the HamptonRoads Community Foundation

Susan Estes and Andy Rojecki


Capital Group

Phil and Dawn Jacobs

Dennis and Vickie Matheis


Peggy Beale

Bennett’s Creek Nursery


Doug and Laurie Hatfield

Linda Kaufman

Ralph and Virginia Lawrence

Dennis and Vickie Matheis

Oriana McKinnon

Dick and Laura Phillips

PRA Group

James and Karen Squires

Jillian and Scott Swenson


Larry Weinstein and Carol Downing


Bob and Leslie Fort

Dick Gresham

Mac and Steve Houfek

Michael Kearns and Joanne Taylor

Connie Miller

Casey and Marcus Rice

Ann Stokes

Richard Thurmond and Patricia Jennings


Thomas W. and Martha B. Ambler Charitable Fund

Bob and Sara Atherholt

Atlantic Bay Mortgage

Michael Bakwin

Dottie Ballard

John and Jody Benedict

Capital Concrete Inc.

Sarah Clarkson and John Herre

Karen Gershman

Heather Jorda Khan

Harry Lester

Mike and Andria McClellan

Lim Miller and David Cacace

Shep and Gigi Miller

Kevin and Penny O'connor

Caroline and "T" Oliver

John and Lee Ann Padgett

Payday Payroll

Toy and Gail Savage

Ben and Katie Schill

Russ and Sue Smith

Ryan and Sarah Snow

Maria Stefanis

Mark and Michelle Warden

Charlyne White


Michael Desplaines and Jason Robinson

Cathy Fitzgerald and Joe Foreman

Clay and Amy Hendricks

Princess Anne Garden Club

Blythe and Simon Scott

Tazewell and Katherine Taylor

Virginia Beach Garden Club


Douglas and Marianne Dickerson

Marty and Susan Einhorn

Steve and Jeanne McSweeney

Rexanne Metzger, Hillary Dunigan and Whitney Weireter

Susan Elise Morton

Gary and Leisa Rosso


Kelley and David Bashara

Jack and Martha Frost 

Garden Club of Norfolk

Anne and James Gildea

Gail Heagen 

Sandi and Burt Prestridge


Cynthia Anstrom

Peter and Edith Barnett

Gary and Debbie Bonnewell

The Chandler Family

Sandra Clements

Dave and Betty Demko

Teresa Edge

Tom and Mary Landon Edwards

Frank and Joanna Fowler

Mayor Paul and Elizabeth Fraim

John and Gayle Greene

Richard Groover

Robert and Susan Hansen

Zeb and Beth Holt

Helen Junkin and Bernie Nichols

Betsy and William Murphy

Dana Parker

Michael and Jennifer Petit

Dee Roberts 

Tim and Lisa Robertson

Chick and Kathy Robinson

Mimi Cooke Stein

Wilbanks, Smith and Thomas Asset Management

Ed and Lauren Wolcott


Michael and Michelle Kellam

Margaret Kennedy

Armistead and Widget Williams


Jordan Asher and Jody Mattison

Theresa and Ron Augustin

John and Joy Baiocco 

Anna Lee Bamforth

Sasha Best and Peter Schmidt

Mark and Alan Boring

Bob Childers, Jr.

Gary and Meredith Coldren

Patrick and Brenda Corbin

Sandra Cross

Ray and Diane Darcey 

Susan B Day


Betty Edwards and Ed Ladd

Ramona and Antonio Farrow

Robert and Sue Frey

Steve and Royce Frazier

Dean and Ilene Goldman

C.W. and Marilyn Gowen

William R. and Jerry L. Hoddinott

E. Beaumont and Patricia Hodge

Norman Hoffmann

Carter Hotchkiss and Gina Pitrone

Ben and Mary Hubbard

Lisa and Jack Jeffrey

Kathy and Ed Keil

Timothy and Renee McCarthy

Phyllis Milloy

Ben and Emily Muise

Anne Odell

Linda and Bill Pinkham

Clenise Platt

Anita and Charles Poston 

Patricia P. Rawls and Randy Bittner

John and Mary Reinhart

Robin Rinaca

Meredith and Brother Rutter

Shearwater Foundation, Inc.

David and Kathy Shelton

Lorena Smith

Charles and Linda Starbranch

Barbara Tierney

Christiane and James Valone Charitable Fund of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation

Lee and Christina Westnedge

Martha Williams

Barclay and Jane Winn

Noel Young

Melanie Yules



Ann Baldwin

Max and Liz Bartholomew

Charles Beers, Jr.

Joe and Syble Cox

The Curtis Group

Ray and Theresa Davis

The Robert and Dorothy Doumar Foundation

Jack and Courtney Doyle

Martha Goodman

Billy and Fann Greer

James and Helene Haluska

Hampton Roads Bonding: a Marsh & McLennan Agency

LaMont and Lisa Henry

Jeanne Kruger-Williams

Irwin Levinstein

Don and Barbara Lipskis

Joy Lyon

Alan McLeod

Anonymous: In Honor of NBG Staff

Lloyd Parker, Jr.

Martha Paxton Beale

John Saunders

Kemp and Kathy Savage

Southeast Virginia Community Foundation

Steve and Beth Turnbull

Clay and Robin Winn


Peter and Betsy Rawls Agelasto III


Chris Barco

Bruce and Sarah Bishop

Gene and Anne Burke

Robert and Janie Creecy

Sperry and Betsy Davis

Ryan and Katie Dougherty

Larry and Jeanette Epplein

The Erving Family

Laurie Fox and Dean Bowles 

Khaled and Romi Ghaly

Rick and Neva Goeres

Leonard and Betty Guarraia

Reginald and Deborah Henry

Huib and Ankie Keizer

Christian A. Lange

Telfair Leimbach

Pamela Martin

William and Glenda McKinnon

Lela Mullins

William and Sharon Nusbaum

Brian O'Neil

Les Parks

Martha Raiss

Addie Roark


Archie and Maggie Simmons

Leslie Van Horn

Ashby and Joseph Waldo 

David and Kelly Welsh

Carolyn Wiggins

Winn Nursery of Virginia, Inc.

Byron and Christine Work

Additional Donors

David Adams

Abdel and Osama Agami

Susan Anders

Avraham Ashkenazi

Joyce and Gordon Auchincloss

Amy Austin

Carolyn and Clifton Austin

Harriet Baker

Robert Allen Baker

Katherine Bank

Vern and Nancy Barham

Sarah Baxendell

Anita and Curtis Becker

Patty Bell

Robert Bey

Margaret Bloom

Ken and Marty Blow

VF Booker and Eric Verschuure

Margaret Bowers

Herbert and Susan Brewer

Cynthia Brija

Jerry and Tricia Bryan

Mary Buckelew

Diane Buckley

Jennifer Burgess

Melanie Buski

Mary Butrym

Joan Cabana

Edgar Capps

Alison Carlsmith

Joe and Charlotte Carriker

Lynn Cobb and Warren Richard

Robert and Eileen Cobb

Charles and Bettie Minette Cooper

Craig and Gail Cope


John Craig

Alexander and Steven Criscione

Stephen and Florence Cupschalk

Cindy Cutler and Craig Haines

Janet D'Alessandro

Janet Marie Deanes

John and Nancy DeGruttola

Ayodeji Demuren

Vesta Denning

Blaine and Mary Denny

Jan Dillard

Fred Dobbs

East Beach Garden Club

Kenneth Eberhart

Robert and Robin Enloe

Darlene Estee

Charles and Julia Etheridge

Sandra Etheridge

Suzanne and Marshall Feldman

Mark and Saskia Fink

Tracey Firgau

Margaret Fitchett

Susan and Bill Fogerty

John and Nannette Fulmer

Al and Marie Funtanilla

Audrey Fussell

Michelle Gaggiotti

Pat and Eileen Genzler

Lucy and Paul Gibney

William Giocondo

Nathan and Antonia Giordano

Elizabeth Gordon

Dan and Suzanne Gregor

Carol Guerrero

Carol Hallberg

Patrick Hamann

Diane Hare-Smith

Georgia A Harris

Jo and Terry Hartsook

Jean Hearst and Daniel Graf

Barbara Heckel

Andrew Hendrick

Bruce and Denise Henning

Brooks and Stephanie Hierstein

Bruce and Esther Hierstein

Bill and Jerry Hoddinott

Daryl and Phyllis Holland

Paul and Terryl Holm

Sylvia Hudgins

Laura Jacobson

Janet Kane

Rita Kingdon

Brian Klotz

John and Dawn Koenig

Janice Kuhagen

Carol Laibstain

Michael and Lee Anne Lamkin

Nancy Levin

Penny Lewis

Mary Lohman

Susan Lonigan

Reese Lukei, Jr.

David and Adele Lundquist

Edgar and Julie MacKinlay

Pat and Glenda Martin

Cornelia Mason

James Massay

Michael and Mary Mastro

Linda Mathias

David and Anne May

Harry E. and Martha Lee McCoy Fund of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation

Dave and Sharon McDonald

Glenn and Helen McGrath

Sande C McLaughlin

Marilyn and Kenneth Meek

Alice Z Meinicke


Julius and Jeanne Miller

Dennis Milner

John Newenstyn Jr.

Gayle Nichols

Andrew Noe

Diane Nolette

Ashley and Nathan Nolette

Norfolk Apostolic Church

Paul Olsen

Stephen and Elizabeth Paluszek

Elizabeth Paul

Nathan and Caitlin Pearsall

Granville Pennypacker

Kevin and Amy Petersen

Michael and Adrienne Phelps

Cheryl Pleasant

Jessica Pryor

Juanita Pryor

Flora and Timothy Quick

Janet Rathjens

Yolanda Reavis

Tom and Kathy Rector

Allan and Harriet Reynolds

Lorrie and Pat Riddle

Albert Roper

Joanne and Philip Rovner

Gail Roy

Carolyn Sale

Mark and Connie Schreiber

Jessica and Matthew Sechrist

Werner and Marianne Seibel

Aziz and Arian Selahi

Karen Shaffer

Dory Silfen

Charles Smith

Larry and Ganelle Smith

Emilie Smoke

Carl Spangler

Barbara Spillane

Deborah Stadlin

Chris Stafford

Carol Starck

A. Steadman

Eric Stemm

Ann Stenberg

Richard and Susan Sterrett

Judith Stone

Stout Family

Richard and Patricia Strauss

Thomas and Claudia Sullivan

David and May Sutelan

Rebekah Taylor

Ronald Taylor

Michael and Sue Thomas

Carol Thompson

Deborah and Mark Tschirhart

Pamela and Ace Tubbs

Nivea Velazquez

Eileen Vernon

Betty Villers

Robin Walden

Patricia Walsh

Esther Wangler

William and Sandra Warden

Susan Watt

Westover Garden Club

John Whitbeck

Steven Wicks

Ned and Debra Williams

Somer Williamson

Jamie Winner

Eileen Woll

C. David Wrestler

Neal and Melissa Wright

Richard Young

Meredith Zadd